Jah Seal

Jah Seal aka Ronan Lynch is a singer and musician based in Mayo. He is founder of Irieland Music, and Berlin-based Irieland Soundsystem. He's now running the Joyful Movement soundsystem based in Mayo. His new album is Intergalactic Detective Agency.

The Intergalactic Detective Agency arrive with irresistible chants and incendiary beats, moving through dimensions to reel in the threads of destiny. The new album from poet and chanter Jah Seal is a magical tour through city, forest, mountains and valleys past warriors, fools, sentinels, and shapeshifters to the land of the black sunrise.
Released on Irieland Music. Recorded and mixed at Planet Earth Studios, Berlin.

1 Good Times
2 Intergalactic Detective Agency
3 Seven Black Star Liner
4 Spiritual Warriors
5 This is Irieland
6 Irie up the Dance Tonight
7 Slow and Deep
8 Prophecy

Vocals: Jah Seal
Guitar: Jah Seal, Mehdiman
Bass: Aldubb
Drums: Josi Bigfinga Coppola
Keyboards: Frank Pollensi Pollak
Percussion: Aldubb

Buy here: jahseal.bandcamp.com

Cover artwork by Conor Nolan. www.conornolan.com

Irieland Music is active since 2007, running the Irieland Soundsystem with Aldubb and Mr Glue, producing the Berlin Dub Festival, the Reggae Movement Exhibition and releasing singles and albums on the Irieland label, One Drop, and Best Works.

Intergalactic Detective Agency (2020) is his third album.